Loft Conversion Liverpool

Delivering top-quality loft conversions to homes across Liverpool, Construction HQ has been working with clients across Merseyside and the surrounding areas for years. Our commitment to providing a professional, reliable and affordable service ensures we’re a top choice for clients looking for a loft conversion Liverpool.
At Construction HQ, we’re passionate about loft conversions. From dormer and Velux conversions to hip to gable and Mansard upward extensions, you can rely on our professional team to deliver bespoke loft conversions Liverpool.
Turning unused attic space into a functional, multi-purpose suite is a fantastic way to upgrade your home. Giving you the extra space you’ve always dreamed of, a loft conversion Liverpool will give your property a new lease of life, as well as adding significant value to your home.
Whilst our dedicated team of builders, installers and contractors are on hand ready to commence work, we also have in-house planners, designers and architects to help you create your ultimate loft conversion Liverpool. If you want to maximise the amount of space your loft conversion delivers, find innovate staircase solutions or add an entire new storey to your home, we’ll find ways to make it happen.
We’re also adept at helping to secure planning permission for your loft conversion Liverpool. If necessary, we can provide tailored designs to ensure your new attic conversion won’t need planning permission at all or our experienced architects can help to ensure your plans will be approved first time.
If you want to find out more about enhancing your home with loft conversions Liverpool, why not get in touch with us at Construction HQ now?

What does a loft conversion Liverpool involve?

Your loft conversion can be as unique as you like, so you’ll have the opportunity to create a completely bespoke addition to your home. With a range of styles available, you can opt for a simple and straightforward conversion and turn your existing attic space into a usable room, without any structural changes, or you may decide to recreate the entire top floor of your home with a more extensive loft conversion Liverpool.
Whatever your plans, Construction HQ can help you find workable and affordable options. Our experienced team of contractors and designers can produce top quality loft conversions to suit a wide range of budgets, so we’re sure to be able to find the ideal way to enhance your home.
As well as assessing your own property, we’ll take neighbouring properties into account too. When designing your new loft conversion, we consider your family’s needs, as well as the property’s structure and specification. By extending upwards, you can ensure your new suite won’t be overlooked, but getting the best view from your loft conversion Liverpool is important too.
With savvy design tips and inventive architectural twists, we’ll make sure your loft conversion affords you the privacy you need and gives you the best view from your property. Whether you’re adding another storey to a bungalow, scaling up a terraced home or modifying attic space in a detached or semi-detached house, Construction HQ can project manage your loft conversion Liverpool from start to finish.

What type of loft conversion Liverpool is right for you?

If you want to add more space to your home, there are various types of loft conversions to choose from. If your existing attic space has a relatively decent height, for example, you may want to opt for a simple Velux loft conversion Liverpool. This won’t give you extra square footage, but it will turn unusable attics into bright, airy and functional rooms.
Alternatively, a dormer loft conversion Liverpool will increase the space in your loft and ensure it can be used for a variety of purposes. Depending on the existing measurements of your attic, you can use a dormer loft conversion to add extra bedrooms and even an extra bathroom to your property, so you won’t be disappointed with the amount of extra space they can provide.
If your current property has a hipped roof, you may be worried about the feasibility of having a loft conversion. Whilst these types of properties do tend to have smaller attic spaces, a hip to gable loft conversion Liverpool is the ultimate way to extend your property and maximise the space available. Giving you significant extra space, a hip to gable loft conversion can revolutionise your home and enhance the internal space considerably.
Mansard loft conversions Liverpool are ideal for many properties and enable you to increase your attic space dramatically. By replacing one side the pitched roof with a flat roof and vertical wall, you gain height and floor space with a Mansard loft conversion. The inclusion of dormer style windows ensures your new top storey suite will be bathed in natural light, so you can turn it into the room you’ve always wanted.
At Construction HQ, our experience and expertise enable us to deliver a wide range of loft conversions Liverpool. Whilst there are four main styles of loft conversion, these can be modified and enhanced to create a bespoke loft conversion, tailored to your specific requirements. An L-shaped conversion can add even more space, for example, while a gable-fronted dormer conversion will add height and floor space, as well as enhancing the external aspect of your property too.
With the knowledge, skills and equipment to design and install unique conversions, enhance existing conversions with extra pod rooms and even add a roof terrace, Construction HQ can revamp your home, add value to your property and give you the extra space you crave.
If you’re situated in or around Liverpool and you want to find out more about adding a loft conversion to your property, why not contact us today? As a leading provider of loft conversions Liverpool, we’re always happy to provide advice and information.
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