Loft conversion Coventry

Nestled between the larger cities of Birmingham and Leicester, Coventry is at the heart of the West Midlands. At Construction HQ, we’re proud to deliver our specialist loft conversion services to residents in Coventry, Nuneaton, Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby and beyond. Committed to providing high quality loft conversions and exemplary customer service, our dedicated team work extensively throughout the area and are familiar with both the local architecture and planning restrictions.
Working closely with our clients, we create innovative and bespoke loft conversions Coventry. Keeping your needs at the forefront of our design ideas, we’ll ensure your new loft conversion is supremely functional, as well as being a visually attractive addition to your home.
Making any change to your property requires careful consideration and it’s important to seek help from the right sources. With many years experience in the industry, the Construction HQ team provide safe, secure and stunning loft conversions Coventry. If you want to find out more about adding a loft conversion to your property or if you’ve got ideas for your new upward extension, why not give us a call?

Enhancing your home with a loft conversion Coventry

A loft conversion Coventry is the perfect way of updating your property and getting the extra space you’ve always craved. Whether you’ve got a growing family, a regular flurry of guests or a hobby which requires a significant amount of space, a loft conversion Coventry could be just what you need.
Highly cost-effective, loft conversions can be suited to any budget. With the potential to add around 20% to the value of your property, you may even find that a loft conversion Coventry enables you to make a profit in the long-term!
In the meantime, you’ll get the benefit of extra living space inside your property, to use however you want. Many people opt for a loft conversion Coventry when they need an extra bedroom. Indeed, turning your attic into a functional area is an excellent way to install additional sleeping quarters. Perfect as a full-time bedroom, a guest room or even a self-contained annex, a loft conversion Coventry is the ideal way to enlarge your home.
Of course, you don’t have to stop there. As well as adding an extra bedroom to your home via a loft conversion Coventry, you can also incorporate an en-suite into your new space. Attic spaces usually sit right above existing bathrooms and pipework, so installing a top-level en-suite is simple and straightforward.
With numerous options to consider, a loft conversion Coventry gives you endless possibilities. Our pioneering designs and commitment to innovation ensures Construction HQ can deliver a whole host of ideas when it comes to creating the perfect loft conversion for your property.

How long will your loft conversion Coventry take?

Installing a loft conversion Coventry can be a surprisingly quick process. Typically, a loft conversion can be constructed far more quickly than a standard one or two storey extension, and it involves a lot less upheaval too.
A Velux loft conversion Coventry can often be completed in around four weeks or less, so you could have your new upward extension fully completed in less than a month. Similarly, a dormer loft conversion Coventry may only take around four to six weeks to install, depending on the exact design you choose. Whilst a hip to gable loft conversion Coventry and a Mansard loft conversion Coventry typically involve a little more work than other options, these don’t require an extensive period of building work either. In general, you can expect a Mansard conversion or a hip to gable upward extension to take around six to eight weeks, although a straightforward design could take less.
As loft conversions can be installed in almost any weather, you needn’t worry about the process being delayed by rain or sleet. The Construction HQ team will take every precaution to ensure your home is fully protected from the elements during the construction process, and work can continue to proceed in a variety of conditions.
Although applying for planning permission can increase the time it takes for works to get underway, Construction HQ can help with this too. We’re adept at designing loft conversions which don’t require planning permission, so it may be possible to avoid this altogether. Alternatively, our experienced architects and planners can manage the planning application for you. Our extensive experience enables us to minimise delays, pre-empt potential issues and resolve them before they impact upon your application for planning permission.

Will the installation process be disruptive?

Having a loft conversion Coventry needn’t be disruptive at all. In fact, when you have your attic space converted, it tends to be far less intrusive than almost any other type of building work. Around 95% of the work carried out by the Construction HQ team will take place in the loft space itself, so we won’t need to work in other areas of the property and cause unnecessary disturbances.
The installation of a staircase leading to your new top-storey suite is the only element of the project which occurs outside the loft itself, and this can usually be completed in under a day. Of course, our contractors and builders are mindful of the fact we’re working in your home and we’ll take extra care to ensure your family life and privacy is well-maintained throughout the installation process.

Planning your loft conversion Coventry

With so many advantages associated with loft conversions Coventry, you may be wondering why you’ve waited so long to install one! If you want to improve your quality of life, gain extra space inside the property, enhance the exterior of your home and increase its value, Construction HQ can help.
Contact us about loft conversions in Coventry now and we’ll be happy to provide any information and assistance you require. Whether you want advice about the appropriate type of loft conversion for your property, help with a planning application for an upward extension or you want to arrange a free quote for loft conversions Coventry, contact Construction HQ today.