Loft conversion Bath

If you’re looking for loft conversion specialists in Somerset, Construction HQ can deliver exactly what you need. Serving clients in Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Frome and the surrounding areas for many years, we have an outstanding reputation and an impressive client base. Specialising in loft conversions, we provide full-service project management, with in-house architects, designers, planners, builders and contractors all working to create the ultimate loft conversion for your property.
Creating extra space in your home is never something you’ll regret, and a loft conversion Bath is one of the easiest ways to ensure you have access to the space you need. By extending the property upwards, you can retain your garden and/driveway and maximise the value of the property.
Furthermore, a loft conversion Bath is a great choice if you want to add another bedroom to your home or create extra space to sleep. The majority of people prefer an upstairs bedroom to a downstairs alternative, particularly because of the increased security and reduced noise an upstairs bedroom provides. In addition to this, an upstairs bedroom is often viewed more favourably by potential buyers, so this could benefit you should you decide to sell your property in the future.

Creating a multi-purpose loft conversion Bath

Although many people choose a loft conversion Bath because they want to add an extra bedroom to their home, there are many other reasons to covert your loft into a useable space. As well as having an additional sleeping area, you can use your loft conversion Bath as a home office or as a place to relax and escape the stresses of day-to-day life. Adding a balcony or terrace to your loft conversion Bath will even give you the opportunity to relax in the fresh air while enjoying an unblemished view of the local skyline.
If children live in the home or visit regularly, a loft conversion can also provide a great space for them to play. Many people choose to utilise an attic conversion as a playroom or as a chill out lounge for older children and teens. Creating somewhere for children to play, relax and spend time with friends, a loft conversion Bath can give everyone in the family the space they need.
Many people use unconverted attics as storage space, but you needn’t worry about having too little storage if you have your loft converted. Construction HQ can design in-built storage areas and add innovative space saving ideas to the plans for your loft conversion Bath. With the option to expand the space with a dormer loft conversion Bath, for example, you can gain additional space, install bespoke storage solutions and still retain space in the eaves for standard loft storage.
Ensuring you get the best of both worlds, a loft conversion Bath will allow you to retain the space you need to store furniture and possessions, as well as giving you an extra room, suite or storey to enjoy.

Designing the perfect loft conversion Bath

At Construction HQ we take the exterior of your property into account when we’re designing your perfect loft conversion. Whilst you’ll want to maximise the space available inside and ensure the interior of your new conversion is immaculate, the impact it has on the exterior of your property is important too.
We use high quality materials to ensure your loft conversion Bath is built to last, but this also enables us to construct a loft conversion which is in keeping with the external décor of your home. Gable fronted dormer windows can be a stunning external addition, for example, and will feature a pitched roof over the newly installed dormer conversion. A coveted feature on many properties, these extra touches enhance the appearance of your property, as well as increasing its value.
Furthermore, our use of wood, uPVC and slate means you can choose the perfect finish for your loft conversion Bath. Long-lasting and easy to maintain, uPVC fascias and soffit boards can be matched to your existing exterior to create a seamless and integrated design, whilst we can source specialist materials for use on protected buildings.
Experienced in installing loft conversions Bath in all types of properties, Construction HQ can design the ultimate upward conversion for your property, so why not get in touch with us today?

Installing a loft conversion Bath

Although a loft conversion Bath can be ideal on semi-detached, detached and terraced homes, these aren’t the only types of properties which can benefit from an upward extension. If you live in a bungalow, for example, a loft conversion Bath can turn your ground level home into a two-storey property and ensure you have masses of extra space to enjoy.
Alternatively, if you live in a top floor flat or apartment, adding a loft conversion Bath can transform your home into a sophisticated duplex, with all the space you could need. Mansard loft conversions are often used in these circumstances, as they deliver a significant amount of external space and are in keeping with the architectural design of many apartment buildings. However, we can modify all types of loft conversions to find the perfect option for your property.

Planning your loft conversion Bath

If you’re planning to have your attic space converted, it may be time to speak to someone about your plans. If you want to know exactly which types of attic conversions would be appropriate for your property or how much extra space you could gain from a loft conversion Bath, give us at a call at Construction HQ today.
With industry expertise and in-depth knowledge, we can provide all the information you need when you’re planning our loft conversion Bath. What’s more, we can visit your property to give you tailored advice and help you get your plans underway. With the option to have a free quote or estimate, it’s easy to find out just how cost-effective a loft conversion Bath can be.
Why wait? To find out more now or to arrange a no-obligation quote, contact Construction HQ today.